Surface Treatment

High Friction

Silicone rubber has good soft touch, however the material’s high coefficients of friction (COF) often cause problems. Due to the high friction of the silicone surface it is possible that it will feel unpleasant to the user. Existing top coatings with low COFs have the disadvantage of low flexibility, i.e. the elasticity of the silicone rubber would be decreased too much. Other coatings have poor adhesion and abrasion properties. 
Surface Treatment

By treated with our process on a polished or textured silicone surface , the touch is pleasant and the surface a lot cleaner and more easily cleaned. The surface still remain the original properties of silicone rubber and can also have following regulation:
  • ISO 10993 Biocompatible
  • Reduction of friction by 50%
  • No Color shift
  • No influence on the textured surface.
  • Environment Friendly.