SiMO Hand Grip

Brand Concept

Our hands touch everything from time to time and feel the surface and temperature of various items. Silicone rubber can provide the best sense of touch and non-toxic safety guarantees.

We are dedicated to develop variety of silicone rubber grip products that are safe and comfortable, like the delicate and soft touch of the skin. We integrate the advantages of related materials and production technology to strengthen the quality and durability of SiMO products.

Based on the persistence of product quality and the concept of innovation, SiMO has developed the first set of silicone motorcycle grips with the well-known brand of electric vehicles in Taiwan, Gogoro, which is expected to bring a new riding experience and a good grip experience.

Weather Resistance

Silicone Rubber has outstanding weather resistance properties for the product so that it can bear extreme environment condition for a long time and no aging situation occurs.
High Friction

Inherent high friction coefficient of silicone rubber brings you tightly control ability.
In addition, it also has flexibility and softness that can provide excellent holding touch.
Hydrophobic / Water (Sweat) Repelling

Inherent hydrophobic property of silicone rubber can repel water or sweat between hands and grip. The anti-slip effect of silicone rubber is greater than TPR regardless of dryness or wetness conditions that can provide safer ride journey.
Anti-Stain Resistance

Silicone Rubber has much lower surface energy such as Teflon. It means chemical or stain are not easy to react with silicone rubber surface so that it can remains in a clean condition.
Test Item Method Target  Result 
Contact with the skin with a period of time:
Cytotoxicity A. Within a day (< 24hrs) Not cause biological responses Pass
Skin Sensitization B. Short term (1 day to 30 days) Pass
Irritation Reactivity C. Long - term (> 30Days) Pass
SiMO Hand Grip
SiMO Hand Grip
SiMO Hand Grip
SiMO Hand Grip