About Us

We are a provider of liquid silicone product design and technical production solutions. We have been focusing on how to improve the production technology of liquid silicone and the application of silicone in various fields. Our founding team has more than 10 years of experience in liquid silicone rubber technology, so we believe we can maintain the competitive advantage we have built over the years.
Our team is good at listening and understanding the needs and wishes of our clients. When providing services, we work closely with our customers until the completion of each project and follow-up work. We provide all the requirements, including price and product characteristics, in a professional and responsible manner. May achieve smooth, quality, fast product realization and manufacturing process for customers.


  • Provide customers with good production services through experienced technical team.
  • Strengthen the properties of liquid silicone materials to provide excellent products to customers.

Faith and values

  • Impact: We value performance and results. We set and uphold our responsibility for high standards and quality.
  • Cooperation: Take advantage of our team's strengths and experience to complete tasks with our partners.
  • Responsibility: All the tasks you deliver to us, you can rest assured.
  • Passion: We want to be different, and strive to make it impossible.
  • Quality: What we do, do well, and ask for better.